Frequently Asked Questions
What Makes Orca Protocol Special and Different from other DeFi Projects? Orca Protocol is a protocol that attempts to create a new decentralized model in DeFi. The OAP protocol places the value the project generates into the wallets of $OP holders rather than building a large treasury. This approach provides value immediately for token holders and creates an engaged community interested in seeing the project continue to thrive. Our goal is to leverage the community as one cohesive and focused unit to build wealth and power for the community. This is a new concept in DeFi and we believe it will set a new standard or the industry. Currently it has made $OP one of the hottest projects in the DeFi space. How does the Rebase work? The Rebase operation allows tokens to work in a way that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called rebasing. Orca Protocol uses a Positive Rebase formula which increases the $OP supply of each holder. How to Stake? Orca Protocol has created an innovative AutoStaking token which provides users a simpler way to receive staking rewards. Simply hold $OP in your wallet and you will automatically receive staking rewards. How do I get my Rebase rewards? The Rebase rewards, in simple terms, are the staking rewards. You are entitled to receive Rebase Rewards just by holding $OP in your wallet. Where can I buy $OP tokens? The $OP token is available on PancakeSwap. What is the slippage for the trade? When you wish to buy, you will need to put the slippage at least at 15%. When you wish to sell, you will need to put the slippage at least at 20%. You might need to add higher slippage during times when there are lots of buys and sells of $OP but you should only ever incur the same buy and sell fees as mentioned above. Is Orca Audited? $OP has been audited and KYC'd by Contractwolf